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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here is pics of my pad, by popular demand!

Welcome to my room. Dad and Mom painted the room blue, Mom hand-made the stencils and mixed all the yellow shooting stars, they Glow! It took days to do.

My favorite things get hung here. Don't forget my TIES!!!

My closet door

The astronaut poster from the museum. Calender, buzz picture. My sticker collection, and awards from dentist. Then my posters of the Wiggles, Bo Pelini and the coaches of the 2008-2009 Corn Huskers, Collective Soul (very old poster but what's a kid to do?) My autograph from Genivieve. Thanks again girl! Ralph from Ralph's World poster, and not seen, Imagination Movers!!!

My Smart Cycle, Tinker toys in the Lego box (of course!). A storage unit with Wall-e toys (and other robots), My Spy Toys, Doctor toys, and Ghost Hunter toys!

The Bed, the comforter glows in the dark! Mom had to hand paint the mobile 2 years ago. You see the Little Einstein's and Buzz, Woody, and the crew hanging out in this picture.

The window, yes the curtains are black to keep light out from the neighbors flood light. Look carefully, you can see my Webkinz army under the nightstand!

You can see Wall-e toys, the books I can read, My CD's, TV, Animal net and another shelving unit with toys.

Grrrr...Fear the Logan! You see my trophies from the Most Beautiful Baby in Hastings 2005 contest.

Here is the 32 inch plasma Santa sent me. I hear it was a "safty issue" with the old 29 inch CRT tv. Whatever, it's AWESOME!!

Posters on my ceiling. Kristi will recognize the Moon one! Yes there are stars ALL over the ceiling also!


♥Lisa♥ said...

VERY!!!! cool room!!!!

Krimmyk said...

He will not get another style for a while so he better darn well like it! I think next time I will just paint the walls and that be it.

Angelique said...

The room looks awesome little dude!!!!!! Great job momma!

Love it!!!!