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Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm a biker!

On a smaller bike to build confidence. Looks like it worked, I tore up the street after I got done in the parking lot. The neighbors came out and cheered me it was so awesome! Mom and Dad are so proud of me, and I am proud of myself. We are guessing within the month we will be going on family bike rides.

Preschool Graduation

2 years of Preschool are done and gone. It seems like yesterday, I was begging mom to let me go, and now I am off to kindergarten in the fall.

We are just glad it is over. This year wasn't as good as the first. No fault of the teacher and the aide, but of the lack of control over a certain child.

Here is where I left my mark! Hand prints go by class color, I was pink again this year.
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The set. 'Down on the Farm'

Down on the farm there were some fluffy white sheep!

Ride some horses down on the farm!

Climbing a tree, while going on a bear hunt.

Getting my Diploma. I am one of the only kids who didn't hug my teacher. I like her, but am mad she couldn't do more to stop the class bully. Then I got in trouble for fighting back at the end of the year, LAME-O!

Look Mom I got my diploma, let's get out of here!

One more song, and I can't help looking cool.

Ok, I'm so done with this, lets go!