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Monday, August 10, 2009

Surviving the AH1N1 Virus

The day The Swine Flu hit me was 8/5/09.  This will show you just how fast it comes on.  We were out at the park after the weatherman's got over it.  Playing with the ducks. Within 10 minutes of the last pic, he was vomiting and feverish.  He got diarrhea the next day and it lasted for 3 days.  The vomiting ended about the time the diarrhea started.  

He was a bit better 5 days later.  I was just getting over it as well.  He slept a lot.  It was rare, but he did.

Poor Baby!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer '09 recap

I graduated Preschool,

A lot of trips to many parks around the area

storm chased

Scooted on the scooter

Chilled at the Splash Pad

New equipment for the swing set!

Countless trips to museums both Hastings and GI.

4th of July

Dad and I got beat go karting against Mom. I still say we had the faster kart. Mom says she out drove us!

Stick it in your pipe and...well blow bubbles!

I finally met Sully's friend after 3 summers of hearing about him. I even got to see them play together. I never saw a toad chase a dog. But than again Sully is weird! See a couple more pics on his blog.

I saw Night at the Museum 2 to kick off the summer, UP, of course Harry Potter 6, G-Force, and a couple others. Many of them in 3-D!

So much accomplished, the time flew by. I learned to ride my bike,went to the Omaha Zoo, turned 5, and so much more. Many of the events can be seen in my Mom's blog.

With just 13 days left till my first day of school I will say I have had a full summer. I just about have the whole tying my shoes thing down and roller skating too!