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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The best of the rest Christmas Pics

We missed out on opening of the Prince Caspian DVD, 2 pairs of Super Mario pajamas and yellow Wall-e shirt. Mom's camera is being nursed along till her new one arrives. The amount of batteries used for gift opening this year was awful as we tossed out all the rechargeables. Over 60 bucks worth in the trash before we realized that it was the camera not the batteries. Crap! But other than that, on with the gift opening.

Gifts from Mom, Dad, and Sully
Here we go!

Wall-e gift was the first to be opened because Dad wanted me to have time to watch Wall-e. You can see the orange Wall-e pull-over in Dad's lap.

It's the movie, I was so happy, you just have no idea!

It's the hippo Webkinz we accidentally named Fred online. It's real name, and gender offline is
pending. Right now it's 'hey you!' You can also see George, the Black Bear.

It's Dumbledore the snowman. He's so neat!

You see Tank Coat's Pitty.

Some more Super Mario Pajamas, that makes 3!

Dude, it's Tex Dinaco!

Opening another Webkinz....

Another recruit in the Webkinz army, Neville the elephant.

Another Disney movie,Ratatouille to add to Wall-e and Prince Caspian!

From the Hasting Museum store, I actually picked out this gift.

My model moon lander.

Tractor Tippin' the board game. I want to play it all the time, Mom and Dad not so much! They limit it to about 4 games a day. Dad keeps changing the rule and winning...hmmmm...

Jet Hockey another game I could play all day long. I am wicked good at it too!

I think the face kind of says it all!

Thank you Mom, Dad, and Sully!

Gifts from Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Mary Tabbert

I was dying to see what was in the bag with the Santa Clause Dinosaurs on it. It was the game for my smart cycle Hot Wheels races. Its math and critical thinking. I have already logged several miles on it.

They say I act like a monkey, and I AM curious, so I am guessing Geroge was an easy choice for a gift for me! Hew is sooo soft!

A book to go with the cuddly monkey. I was born year of the monkey too, just like my mother!

Backyardagains story book, I love books!

Imaginex Pirate Ship, I cannot even tell you how cool this thing is.

Thank you Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Mary!

From Auntie Jess, My super awesome God Mother

Welcome to my Webkinz Army: Malfoy the Chicken, Natilie the St. Benard, and Fred the Black Bear.

Thank you Auntie Jess, you know I LOVE them!!!!

Gifts from Grams and Gramps King

Jet and Car launcher

A mini train set

A popper set from Grams and Gramps again. To replace the other ones I have demolished. Yeeesss!

So that is what was in the big box that was super light. I thought it was empty, Mom and Dad kept assuring me it wasn't. They were right; it was a HUGE body pillow for my bed, with a blue pillow case. How Neat-o!

Shake and go SuperMan car.

Domino mover

Lookie at this the digital camera I told Mom I wanted, I wonder how Grams and Gramps knew?

This thing is just SWEET, I will be using it A LOT!

Thank you Grams and Gramps!

****Christmas Morning****

Look Santa DID come, we were beginning to doubt it with the recent attitude issues. I had been apologizing over and over lately to Mom, Dad, Sully, Santa, and baby Jesus.

As you can see I got a couple mini Cars cars, I had been wanting Sarge. But not wanting lead poisoning, I guess this was the jolly 'ol elf's way around it, works for me!

What did Santa bring me?

Ohhh, a Leapster 2 from Santa!

Wall-e for the Leapster 2!

I also got Lightning McQueen for the Leapster 2, too!

This is Chow Chang the Panda Bear she's my Webkinz from Santa! The 8th Webkinz from Christmas added to my army.

Got this little Gem in my Stocking too!

Actually playing by myself and learning on the sly!


♥Lisa♥ said...

Awesome gifts!!!!
Matthew got the pirate ship too!! isnt it totally cool. all of the kids play with it

Tina said...

Well he made out!! I like the music on the page..

Růženka said...

He did well for himself this Christmas:)

Krimmyk said...

He also got some creepy dino you had to put together. I did, it was a pain. It had creepy red LED light eyes, I thought of Matthew's Dino delema!