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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gifts fromFireFly Friends and "great" relations

This was the tree(12-15-08) before the gifts listed below and the 4 boxes of gifts from Grandparents!!
Yes there is part of the tete-au-tete we bought this summer for outside and I loved it so much I never put it out. Then went and bought the matching rocker on the right! And the far right is Sully's crate and travel crate.

This is our fiber-optic tree with 99% homemade ornaments on it. We made the candy canes. Logan chose what we were going to do and he wanted to make them. And chose this out of the trees we had. It was insane the amount of stuff under the tree so to keep stuff from overwhelming the area, I let him open a gift a day or there abouts.

Great-Auntie Jo, Great-Uncle Mike and Sean B.

Great-Auntie Stefanie, Great-Uncle Gary, and Nick. Another pop up book!

Coloring pages...YEESSS!

Hot Wheels and boys..enough said!

He thinks these are the Beans from Harry Potter, I will not tell him otherwise. BUT it does give me a HUGE idea for goodie bag gifts for his Harry Potter B-Day Party!

He's a card shark, so these will be used and used often!

He actually needed a new one of these as his old one was about bounced out!

The Fairy Field Guide as Logan Call's it. The illustrations in this pop-up are just breath-taking!

This little snow globe is now centered on his end table in his room.

Some more Homemade orniments for the "Homemade Christmas tree"

Krazygirlz's crew sent a book called Star Climbing it has quickly became one of Mom's favorites! It is just beautiful.


♥Lisa♥ said...

OK, Im so excited he's having a Harry Potter bday party!!!!!!!!!!!
Im glad he liked his gifts.

Krimmyk said...

I know he will even if he throws me for a loop and changes his mind. Don't think he will since the movie comes out before his birthday. I am going to make little jelly bean bags!

Hopefulsap said...

love the pics, and he looks like he scored big! wow!! Glad he liked everything! :) He looked a bit puzzled about the ornaments that the kids made! haha! Funny:)

Krimmyk said...

Oh he was looking at it like, "hmmm, edible? I know who it's from..."