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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Small update

I have been a busy dude. School, swimming, playing and causing a rumpus! Just a day in the life of me. I think the coolest thing lately is I helped Mom bathe Sully for the first time yesterday. We always pay to have it done. It was so fun, he is so little when he is all wet. I will have to get photos next time! It took over an hour for him to get blow-dried.

I am getting ready for my 1/2 birthday celebration at school. Whoo hoo 4 1/2, I think I should get gifts, Mom says otherwise! Cookie ordered, bags done, just need to get the drink. I want V-8 fruit strawberry banana drink. We will get it tomorrow.

That is about it for now, Mom need to get time to upload the photos I have been taking...hint hint Mom!!!