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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Handing it to my father

Mom was in the shower last night so Dad thought he would beat me in a game on my Leapster2. It was a game of memory, you had an ice cream like thing and had to put it in order. Dad didn't realize that I have Mom's ability of photographic memory. I handed it to Dad, beating him all the way to level 5. Dad was so upset, he went and told Mom who was just getting out of the shower. She laughed. Dad went to the "junk room," and played his guitar. Mom was putting on lotion and called me into the room and told me to go into Dad's room with me hands out. "And tell him here..." when he asks what it is tell him, "it your butt and it's just been handed to you!" Well I went in thinking YES I get to say Butt!!!! I stated laughing so hard after saying here...Dad said, "what is that my pride?" I was laughing so hard but then said, "That works!" We are such a well rounded family!