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Friday, November 28, 2008

My ever growing Webkinz Army

Since the 17th of July I have been collecting Webkinz. Here is his list of pets backwards from today, will update after Christmas. Rumor has it I have at LEAST 5 more coming And I don't care about duplicates because they are so fun and soft!:
(F) Pansey- Skunk buy 2 get 40% off coupon
(M) Serveus- Lil' Kinz Cardinal buy 2 get 40% off coupon
(M) Victor Krum- Pet of the Month for December
(M) Seamus Finnigan- Lil' Blue Trigger Fish- no timeouts in class for weeks
(M) Aslan- lil' Lion- Kinz care pet
(M) MudPuddle- lil' Pig- Kinz care pet
(M) Grawp- Halloween virtual pet
(F) McGonagall-lil 'Gray and White Cat- Kinz care pet
(M) Cedric Diggory- Tinkerpup- Virtual pet
(M) Snape- Hummingbird- For getting over fear of slides
(F) Nymphdora Tonks- Whimsy Dragon- My Grandmother
(F) Hermione- Cocoa Dinosaur- For being good
(M) Frank-Pug Pet of the Month October
(F) Ginny-Bubblegumasaurs- Virtual pet

(F) Foxglove- Bat- Just because
(F) Fluer- Floral Fox- Virtual Pet
(M) Trevor- Bullfrog- Pet of the month September
(M) Baine- Gray Wolf- Virtual pet
(M) Bazzille- Samoyed- My Grandmother for his birthday
(F) Funky- Cheeky Monkey- Year of the monkey
(M) Pad-Foot- lil' Black Lab-Birthday money
(F) Saucy- Black Cat- Birthday from Mom
(M) Milton- Koala- Birthday from Mom and Dad
(M) Prongs- Reindeer- Birthday from the Johnson's